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At, explore our vast range of parts dedicated to watch movements, suitable for both mechanical and electronic watches. Our selection encompasses essential elements such as escapement wheels, balances and plates for mechanical movements, and printed circuits for electronic ones. We offer all the components required to undertake your watch repair, restoration or even custom-design projects.

  • Diverse Parts: Explore our range of barrel springs, escapement wheels, plates, and bridges for mechanical movements, as well as printed circuit boards for electronic movements. These spare parts are essential for anyone looking to maintain the functionality and aesthetics of their timepieces.
  • Repair and Customization: Give your watches a second life with quality spare parts for repair, or customize them to your taste. From replacing worn-out components to upgrading certain aspects of your watch, our spare parts provide the flexibility you need.
  • All Functionalities: Available for different types of movements, our spare parts can be adapted to your projects, whether for automatic, quartz, or other watchmaking specificities. Our comprehensive selection ensures that you'll find exactly what you need for any type of watch movement.

Find the perfect spare parts for your watch movements at Whether you're looking to repair a vintage watch or create a one-off piece, our selection of mechanical and electronic watch movement spare parts will meet all your needs.

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