A journey into the world of Greco Genève

We are very happy to dedicate this blog issue to the Greco Genève watch brand. Stéphane Greco and his son Alexis opened their doors to us to discover their factory as well as some of their manufacturing secrets.

Stéphane Greco is the founder of the eponymous brand he created in 2010 in Plan-les-Ouates, in 2017 he is joined by Alexis to help him develop the brand. The premises occupy an area of 5400 square feet entirely dedicated to the development and creation of one-of-a-kind timepieces. This young Geneva brand offers atypical watches to with a very specific brand DNA, known for its high-end watch finishes.

One of the peculiarities of these watches is a unique brightness that will be created under ultraviolet light in the dark. Its secret? The use of a specific material, a sodium powder exclusively made for Greco. Its use allows to obtain a fluorescent light on the dial or other elements of the watch. This had not yet been achieved by other brands with this type of fluorescence.

The Greco Genève brand has 7 collections of timepieces that differ in shape, colours and materials. They also offer watches of a more classical genre such as the Esquisse collection, which distinguishes itself by a unique design specific to the world of its creator. “Les Temps Modernes” collection refers to Charlie Chaplin and automotive mechanics, one of Stéphane Greco's passions!

As far as the functional side is concerned, he pays particular attention to the high-end finishing of the mechanisms. All mechanical, automatic and chronograph movements are furnished with a decoration worthy of a large watch manufacturer. All operations are carried out in his workshops, from the decoration of movements (anglage, Geneva coasts, engravings) to the coloring of the pieces (rhodiage, gold, ruthenium ...) not to mention the light decorations.

One of Stéphane Greco's other strengths is that he has worked in the chemical industry, this extra string to his bow allows him to constantly develop new coloring techniques for metal coatings and to transform materials in order to always offer his customers unique watches.

Speaking of unique watches, the most exclusive model of the brand is the Asteroid watch which is made from a real piece of meteorite! Where other brands had already used this material to make dials, Stéphane managed to make the watch box in the raw state of the meteorite. It consists of a ferrious material and a fuzzy structure which took several months of research to find the right process that allows to protect the material from the meteorite in order to be able to wear it on the wrist. Here's what he says:

"It's not a watch that will please everyone, but its atypical side, a sci-fi film genre that will arouses curiosity and interest around this unique object."

This underdog of watchmaking had the idea to create a completely delirious showroom that transports you to the heart of a meteorite and all this, imagined and designed by the Greco Geneva team.

It is Watchys that will have the opportunity to promote the Greco Geneva brand on its website offering four unique models that have already been presented at various exhibitions. These models are part of the Time-Square collection that combines neo-classicisms and modernity. These pieces are unique models that will delight both women and men. They bare easily found in our Watches section of our website.

Want to learn more about the Greco Geneva brand? The rest of the collection can be discovered at the Lamborghini showroom in Plan-les-Ouates in person or virtually on their website at https://www.greco-geneve.com/en/

For more information, you can contact Stéphane or Alexis Greco at +41 22 794 46 02 or email at info@greco-geneve.com

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