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The creator of this brand was not called Büren, the owners of the brand chose the easy way: the name of the locality where the head office was located, Büren, about ten kilometers east of Biel. It was there, on the banks of the Aare, that this watchmaking firm had a very modest start in 1842. Büren acquired a certain notoriety from 1873, when the first watch factory was created. For 25 years, F. Suter & Co. produced pocket watches with varying degrees of success. It was taken over by the British in 1898. From 1899 to 1932, the Londoners H. Williamson Ltd. take matters into their own hands, but they do not change anything in the statutes of the manufacture, namely the production of movements for Büren watches. The stock market crash of October 24, 1929, in New York, sounded the death knell for Büren's English period. In 1932, the parent company went bankrupt and Büren Watch was taken over by Swiss investors. The new shareholders inject funds into the now renamed firm “Büren S.A. Watch Factory”. His greatest performance, which was also his greatest commercial success, was THE INVENTION OF THE MICROROTOR patented in 1954. The flywheel integrated at the movement level makes it possible to manufacture surprisingly flat movements for the time. The calibers 1000 and 1001 produced in series from 1957, which measure only 4.2 mm and 4.8 mm thick with date stamp, are sold in models called "Super Slender". In 1966, a period which coincided with PARTICIPATION in the development of the first automatic microrotor chronograph, Büren was sold to the American firm Hamilton Watch. On November 6, 1971, the date when no more blanks were produced in Büren, the SSIH group (Omega, Tissot) took over Hamilton. Büren was liquidated in 1972.
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